Before you install your Guardian fence,

please take time to read through our resources. 

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Glass Pool Fencing

Product Guide

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Glass Balustrade

Product Guide

Guardian Horizon Fencing Brochure Cover.

Horizon Vinyl Fencing

Product Guide


Driveway Gate Insitu.jpg

Aluminium Driveway Gate Installation Guide


Modifying a Panel Bracket

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Aluminium Balustrade Fencing Installation Guide

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Aluminium Balustrade Occupancy Levels



Hinge Installation


Taking Care of your Stainless Steel Hardware

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Glass Fencing Spigot

Installation Guide

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Face Fixed Glass Balustrade

Installation Guide


Picket Privacy Fence web.png

Picket Privacy Vinyl Fence Installation Guide

Semi Privacy Fence web.png

Semi Privacy Vinyl Fence Installation Guide

Full Privacy Fence 2 web.png

Full Privacy Vinyl Fence Installation Guide



All Guardian Aluminium Fences and Gate products have a 10-year warranty

Care Instructions & Considerations:

  • Avoid earth or soil coming in contact with the fence

  • Check drainage holes occasionally for any blockages 

  • Do not use fertilizers and garden chemicals in or around the fence

  • Slow all concrete away from post to limit any water build up around base of post

  • Regularly clean (monthly) all fences and gates with a soft brush and mild detergent solution, do not use harsh abrasive products

  •  Wash down fencing after each swim in a salt water pool environment

  • Do not lean or stack materials against the fence

  • Immediately remove all metal filings from self-drilling screws, rivet shanks, and other steel particles to avoid rust and staining

  • Check for underground services (gas, power, water and telephone) before installation


All Guardian Glass Fencing and Balustrade products have a 12-year warranty

Care Instructions & Considerations:

  • It is expected for 316 grade stainless steel components to discolour over time. This can be minimised and removed by following correct care and maintenance procedures

  • For further information and care instructions, visit the following link:

  • Exposure to UV light, pollution, salt deposits and chemicals can affect the performance of the fencing coating if not removed with regular washing

  • A gently monthly clean with a soft brush, warm water, and mild detergent followed by a rinse of fresh water will maintain the finish of both powder coated and stainless steel fencing components


Customers should not rely solely on the advice of the brochures and installation guides.

Customers should consult a Licensed Building Practitioner if they have any concerns as to

the suitability of the surface to which the fencing is being installed.

customers need to be aware that the installation needs to comply with the NZ Building code even

where a building consent if not required.