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The Guardian Glass Balustrade range provides a modern, architecturally designed modular system that will bring a contemporary and sophisticated look to your home. 


All Balustrade panels are easy to install and comply with current New Zealand safety standards.

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Spigots made from 2205 stainless steel which can be installed directly onto stable concrete, timber, and tiled surfaces.

Toughened safety glass meets NZ 1170.1 safety standards and wind loads as per AS/NZ 1170.2

All balustrade glass panels are made from quality heat soaked glass to increase the level of durability.

Glass balustrade accessories and components available in  polished, satin and matt black finishes.

Standoff pins can be installed into concrete, timber and steel surfaces.


Guardian offers options between spigot fixed and face fixed standoff glass balustrade to suit your requirements. 


Stainless Steel Spigot Fixed Balustrade

  • Allows options between Top Mount and Offset handrail systems


Face Fixed Standoff Balustrade

  • Compatible with Top Mount handrail only


As of June 2016 (AS/NZS 1170), all glass balustrade systems must be installed with a handrail.

All Guardian glass panels are designed for use with a handrail, proving options between Offset and Top Mount Handrail systems.

The frameless glass balustrade is installed with spigots that secure the glass at the base, with the option of a side mounted (Offset) or Top Mount handrail.

To switch from the Offset handrail system to the Top Mount handrail system, simply turn the infill glass panels. Spigots will cover the predrilled holes.

Offset Handrail

Top Mount Handrail


Heat Soaked Glass Panels

What is Heat Soaked Glass?

Heat soaking is a secondary process, completed after the glass has already been toughened and is undertaken to prevent any later problems. 


The process involves a specialised oven that heats the processed glass to 290°C and holds it at temperature for 2 hours. This eliminates up to 95% of spontaneous breakage problems without interfering with the positive properties that toughened glass brings to many projects.


Guardian Balustrade systems utilise heat soaked glass to provide the safest glass on decking areas with more than 1m fall (complies with European Safety Standard EN14179)

Stainless Steel Components

All spigot components are cast in 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel to withstand the outdoor elements and are compliant with NZS 3604:2011.

Please note: 316 Grade Stainless Steel components may discolour over time. This can be minimised and removed by following correct care and maintenance procedures. 

For further information and care instructions, click below.