The following instructions should be used as a guide only.


  1. Fix the Gudgeon plugs to the gates. Fit the Hinge Pins to the Gudgeons.

  2. Mark and fix the bottom hinge to one post. Check that the Gate will not hit the ground when the gate opens. Mark and fix the bottom hinge to the other post, making sure it is level and in line with the string line.

  3. Fit one gate to the bottom hinge and mark the top hinge position. Remove the gate, fix the hinge to the post, making sure the hinge can be slipped upward when the screws are loosened. Refit the gate, slide the top hinge into position and re-tighten the screws. Repeat the process for the other gate.

  4. If needed, loosen the hinge pin nuts and slide them along the slot in the Gudgeon to adjust the gap between the posts.

  5. Fix the Drop Bolt to the inside of the gate with the d-latch.

  6. If the Gates need to be pinned open, fix a second drop bolt to the other gate as well.

  7. We recommend that the driveway gates accessories are fixed using stainless steel tek screws 5mm threaded diameter, 20mm length (tek screws not included)